Registration Explained

All post-secondary and tertiary level institutions, local or foreign, operating in Guyana must be registered by the National Accreditation Council.

Post-secondary or tertiary institutions must first submit an application for registration in Guyana. If necessary, this type of institution must obtain NAC’s approval to use the institutional title that it wishes to be registered under.

The institution is required to submit to an evaluation by NAC to ensure compliance with the minimum quality requirements for post-secondary and tertiary institutions. If the institution meets these requirements for registration, it is issued a Certificate of Registration by NAC. Registered institutions are placed on the register of post-secondary and tertiary institutions and NAC’s website.

Post-secondary education refers to all education and training programmes which are not at tertiary level but which are offered to secondary school leavers to meet their vocational or continuing education needs.

Provider is a person or body or group of persons or an institution offering one or more programmes for award or credit.

Tertiary education means the teaching and learning process that occurs following completion of secondary schooling or its equivalent and leads to the award of sub-baccalaureate qualification, baccalaureate degree and post graduate degree.